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Our Transaction documents cover everything that you may need during the time an employee is with your business, including homeworking, maternity and GDPR. If you are ever unsure of what you need or if you require something bespoke to your business, contact us and we can recommend or produce the right documents for you.

Documents included:

• Sickness Absence:  Sickness & Absence Policy – statutory sick pay  Sickness & Absence Policy – company sick pay  Sickness self-certification form (SC2)  How to guide:  Absence Management  How to guide: Supporting mental health at work  Statutory form SSP1 (employee not eligible for SSP)  Statutory form SSP2 (SSP record sheet) • Other Absence:  Absence without leave (AWOL) after walking out of work letter  Absence without leave (AWOL) 1st letter  Absence without leave (AWOL) 2nd optional letter  Absence without leave (AWOL) dismissal letter  Carers policy • Annual leave / holidays  Annual leave calculator & tracker • Family friendly  Combined family friendly policy (maternity, paternity, adoption, parental leave)  Maternity: o Maternity policy o Maternity risk assessment o Confirmation of maternity leave dates and pay letter (no pay, statutory pay or enhanced pay) o Amendment to maternity leave dates letter o Return to work intentions after maternity letter o Response after early return to work request letter o Decision on flexible working following maternity letter o Breastfeeding Policy o Letter to employee following stillbirth o Letter to employee following miscarriage o Letter to employee following bereavement of baby  Paternity: o Paternity policy o Paternity leave granted letter (no pay, statutory pay and enhanced pay) o Letter to employee after stillbirth o Letter to employee after miscarriage  Adoption: o Adoption policy o Adoption overseas policy o How to: Adoption leave o Adoption leave and pay agreement letter o Adoption leave and pay declined letter o Adoption leave dates and pay agreement letter – enhanced pay o Adoption leave (surrogacy) dates and pay (no pay, statutory pay or enhanced pay)  Shared Parental leave: o Shared Parental Leave policy o Shared Parental Leave ineligibility letter o Shared Parental Leave agreement letter • Flexible working & Homeworking  Homeworking policy  Hybrid working policy • Data protection & GDPR  Privacy notice for employees and contractors • Technology & Communications  Internet and email policy  Social media policy  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy • Expenses and Benefits  Company Car policy  Private car allowance policy  Fuel card policy  Expenses policy  Expenses form • Other  Bonus letter  Weekly timesheet template  Monthly timesheet template  Equality & Diversity policy  Health & Safety policy  Whistleblowing policy  Alcohol & Drugs policy  Work related social events policy  Wellbeing policy  Menopause policy

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