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At MyHR Docs, we have a vast majority of document types to choose from. The business basics bundle has everything you will need as you start to grow your team. We recommend starting with these documents, then using the rest of the library as and when you need it.

Cant find the right document? Not sure what to use? Need something bespoke to your company?
Contact us via our contact page and we will send you the document you need in less than 24 hours.

How it Works

All of our documents are broken down into sections to help you find the right document depending on the stage your employee is at.

Simply find the document you need and click the download button.

Your document will open as an editable PDF. You can then fill in the blanks set out for you (if you scroll over each box it will give you a reminder of what to input) then save your document.

You can then email this as an attachment to your employee. If a document needs your employees signature you can ask them to use Adobe’s ‘Fill and Sign’ and email the document back to you, or you can use a free e-signature service such as Signwell.

Our Document Types

Business Basics





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